Ocean Recovery Rehab Centres

At Ocean Recovery Rehab Centres our fundamental desire is to support people through some of the most difficult periods of their life, and put them on the right course towards recovery at our rehab clinic, positive change and a full and happy life for the future. In our rehab centres, we offer a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for you to get the treatment that you need as well as explore your thoughts and feelings; giving you the opportunity to grow and develop a sense of well-being.

Our therapeutic language is English as first or second language, although some of our clinicians speak Greek, Dutch, Arabic and Russian. We can also work with other languages including Swiss, Swedish and Mandarin.

The Ocean Recovery rehab Clinic is part of a group of well-established rehabilitation and recovery treatment centres with centres in Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Cambridgeshire, Bristol and Scotland, as well as this centre in Cyprus. The rehab clinic in Cyprus provides a relaxing environment; set on the coast of Cyprus by a private coastline it is peaceful, calming and tranquil, and the ideal surroundings for recovery and to become a healthier person.

We provide a truly holistic approach, including looking at you mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. We don’t just look at immediate problems, we look at underlying issues associated with your problem; what triggers and motivations negative periods of your life, and how to overcome them long term. How long you need to stay will depend on your individual needs, as we put in place a care package specific to you alone.

We only take up to 6 patients at a time. This enables us to give you our complete attention and ensures that all the facilities that you need are available to you as and when you need it. It also means a more peaceful environment with less people and distractions, enabling you to concentrate on getting yourself better.

Our staff are all qualified and experienced in rehabilitation and recovery, but they are also motivated by seeing people get better and leave as more complete and healthier individuals. They will assess you both initially and continuously to make sure you are getting the best quality care. They treat everything you say and do in complete confidence, and confidentiality is key to make sure you feel safe and secure in sharing your thoughts and feelings.

If you would like more information on Ocean Recovery rehab clinic or our other rehab clinics, or on the treatment centers we offer, please get in touch and we would be happy to address you concerns and answer questions.