If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, there is hope for the successful completion of treatment and the subsequent chance to live a sober life. Detoxing from alcohol can be a difficult process for an alcoholic, and oftentimes this affair needs to be supervised by medical and addiction specialists. At Ocean Recovery, one of the top rehab clinics UK, here in Cyprus, a wide range of treatment and detox modes are offered to address a variety of individual needs. Addiction is an illness that is very personal, and no two cases of alcoholism are exactly alike. The professionals at Ocean Recovery are cognizant of the fact that addiction is predicated upon many factors and life events, thus a holistic treatment program is employed to address and resolve the underlying issues that drive an individual to alcoholism.

Recovery is an emotional, bewildering time that requires guidance, counseling and support. Ocean Recovery offers varying levels of care and supervision to best meet the diverse needs of their patients with both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Inpatient Rehabilitation at Ocean Recovery

Inpatient rehab is the most intensive course of treatment available for recovering addicts, with around-the-clock monitoring and medical services rendered to ensure that an addict does not deviate from their recovery plan. Inpatient services offered include:

  • Medical supervision
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychiatric supervision
  • Psychological programs aimed at developing healthy coping mechanisms

Outpatient Rehabilitation at Ocean Recovery

Outpatient rehabilitation is another option offered to further meet the unique needs of a recovering individual. After an initial consultation with the skilled clinicians at Ocean Recovery, the patient is able to resume their home and professional life while still receiving treatment. Outpatient services include:

  • Regular check-ins and supervision with clinical staff
  • Support group meetings
  • Individual and/or group therapy
  • Family support services

Deciding Upon Your Treatment Model

Ocean Recovery offers a no obligation, free consultation to those who wish to receive more information regarding addiction and recovery. During this conversation, you will have the chance to discuss the unique situation and pertinent factors surrounding addiction in your life. Choosing between inpatient or outpatient detox and rehabilitation can be difficult, and the caring and compassionate evaluative professionals with whom you will speak can help you to choose the most suitable model of treatment depending upon many factors that include:

  • Level of care requirements
  • Scheduling needs
  • Medical needs
  • Individual emotional and mental circumstances

With Ocean Recovery, you don’t have to tackle the issue of addiction on your own. A team of experienced and understanding professionals will guide you out of the thorny brambles of addiction, helping you to realize a brighter and happier future.