Our Philosophy

At Ocean Recovery Centre we treat a range of conditions and disorders, help you get past addictions and carry out detox programmes.  However we have a strong set of values and beliefs behind the treatments and assistance that we offer.  We don’t just look at individual issues and deal with what is on the surface.  We look at individual as a whole, and as well as treating the immediate problem at hand we look at all aspects of their life, how their problems affect it and what is trigger problems, and how this can be prevented in the future.  We also look at an individual’s general health, as we know that when you feel healthy and good about yourself, life in general can feel much easier to deal with.

We don’t rule anything out at Ocean Recovery Centre.  Although we have a team of highly trained medical staff to assist with medical disorders and the detox process, we also have on board a wide range of counsellors, alternative therapy practitioners and activity co-ordinators.

Our counsellors provide counselling of all kinds from family, spouse and group therapy, to one-to-one sessions and life purpose counselling.  The alternative therapies that we offer include art and equine therapy, acupuncture and acupressure, massage and meditation, and more.  The activities that we offer range as well, to give you some leisure time as well as something to enjoy.  We rotate the different activities to give plenty of choice.

Our motivated team of staff will encourage you every step of the way to do as much as you feel able to, in order that you get in a regular routine, but at the same time they will not push you and will only support you in doing as much as you feel able.

Bit by bit over time we our main aim at Ocean Recovery Centre in Cyprus our aim to not just to get you better, but give you the tools that you need to live a fuller life when you leave our recovery centre and go back to your life.  We will help you identify triggers and situations that are detrimental to your good health, and show you coping strategies to help you get past them.

At Ocean Recovery Centre our philosophy is that we want to get you more than better; we want you to leave in the best of health with the ability to keep yourself well, be self-sufficient and able to move on with a constructive life.