Drug Rehab at Ocean Recovery Centres

If you have drug addiction of any kind, and need some help in overcoming this addiction to lead a fuller life, a drug treatment programme is what you need to be looking for. A drug rehabilitation centers’ programme is a structured way to help you to beat your drug addiction in a safe and relaxing environment of this drug treatment centre.
At Ocean Recovery Centre we know that every drug addiction is unique depending on the kind of substance or combination of substances you have been taking. This is why we tailor make all of our drug rehab centres packages to meet individual needs instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Drug Treatment

We’ll start with an initial assessment for drug treatment to establish your history and current needs and at this stage you begin detox. Detox is the process of getting the last of the drugs you were taking out of your system. It can be a hard process to go through but we strive to make it as easy as we can for you. We also offer specific prescribed medication if required to help with the withdraw symptoms. This medication is strictly supervised and will be reduced gradually.

The drug rehab UK & Cyprus programmes at Ocean Recovery Centres are overseen by qualified and experienced medical staff at all times and your safety is our main concern. The recovery centre in Cyprus is an especially relaxing environment for drug rehabilitation center’s programmes as it gets you away from all your usual situations while we figure out what your triggers are. We the most up to date facilities and treatments available, including alternative and complementary therapies such as massage and hypnotherapy. We also offer leisure facilities such as a pool, and activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi.

Drug rehab centres doesn’t end after you’ve finished the detox process or drug treatment. You then move on to learning about why you have been moved to using drugs; what has triggered your addiction and what makes you more likely to use. We can then help you to put in place coping mechanisms to help you to stay away from drugs for life. We offer counselling, therapy and a range of addiction treatment to help you in any way that you need. We also help you handle any associated disorders and other addictions such as alcohol.

If you are using drugs and want to stop, or you know someone that does, get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you have about our drug rehab centres programmes or drug treatment at Ocean Recovery.