Stress Treatment Centre at Ocean Recovery

Stress Treatment Centre is to address issues and for service users to see where and why someone finds it hard to cope in some situations in life.  This can be a lot of different situations; financial problems, work pressure, a difficult home life or even just day to day life stress.  Those under a lot of stress find themselves unable to escape the situation that they find themselves in.  If this stressful situation spirals out of control, those within it feel that they cannot find a way to get out and turn to a short term fix to make themselves feel better or try to escape the situation all together.  This can mean but not everyone turning to substances such as alcohol or drugs or other addictive behaviours or depression, and these quick fix coping mechanisms can lead to addictions which will be looked at in this stress treatment centre.

Excessive stress will have a negative impact on all aspects of mental and physical well-being.  The symptoms vary from person to person but in short, it can make it feel impossible to balance everyday tasks and responsibilities.  If you are under stress and feeling this way, ignoring how you are feeling will only make things worse.  Stress is a condition that needs to be addressed before it leads to other physical and psychological conditions or/as well as addictions.

At Ocean Recovery Stress Treatment Centre we believe treating stress is important.   Not only does stress lead to additional health concerns but it can also act as a trigger for other issues.  Addictions can stem from stress, but stress can also trigger relapses in other disorders such as eating disorders, depression, OCD and PTSD.  Physical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems and gastrointestinal issues can also be antagonised.

At Ocean Recovery Stress Treatment Centre we treat stress in a range of ways, on its own or as part of addiction rehabilitation. We teach people how to cope with stress in the future as this is a major cause of relapse, through therapies such as meditation and yoga. We also use biofeedback to see how the body responds to a stressed state and see which therapies have the best effect in treating it.

We offer a safe and relaxing environment for you to seek support in with our stress treatment centre.  You will be advised on how to put into place positive changes in your life and to reduce stress by changing your outlook. We work on the underlying issues behind stress and advise on stress reduction techniques.

For more information on how we treat stress at Ocean Recovery Stress Treatment Centre, get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions.